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Quality Appliance Service of Collegeville Terms of Use

1. Agreement: By clicking the button Schedule and checking the box labeled I agree the Terms of Use, you are stating that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use set forth by Quality Appliance Service of Collegeville.

2. Appointment Scheduling Online or With Telephone Assistance

A. Customers: Our online scheduling web app is for the use of direct customers only who fully intend to be present during their scheduled appointment. No third parties such as insurance companies or warranty companies are allowed to schedule using this application. WE DO NOT SERVICE WARRANTIES OR THIRD PARTY SITUATIONS. WE DO NOT REPAIR APPLIANCES AT A BUSINESS.

B. Landlord/Tenant: The online web app is not allowed to be used for Landlord/Tenant Situations. Our software is designed to detect landlord/tenant situations and will flag/cancel the appointment if scheduled online contravening this policy. Landlords are required to be present for a repair and to provide payment at time of service. We also require the primary appliance user to be present for the repair ( usually the tenant) Additionally, we require a payment guarantee before scheduling for all landlord/tenant situations.

C. Cancellations and Reschedules: You can cancel or reschedule an upcoming appointment up to 6PM EST the day before your appointment. Late cancellations or changes may result in a full service call fee being assessed.

D. Abuse, Overuse and Misuse: Any user that schedules multiple appointments online or cancels repeatedly or has any no show appointments will be flagged and unable to schedule an appointment with us for service. Any customer that owes a balance for late cancellations or no shows will need to pay their balance before being allowed to schedule a new appointment.

E. Personal Information: We collect your full name, address, valid mobile phone number and a valid email for the purpose of facilitating scheduling an appointment, coming to your home and communicating with you in that process of an appointment. We require a valid email, mobile phone and address to schedule an appointment with us. Your information is stored securely and never shared with any third parties.

F. Communications: We use your mobile phone and email to communicate with you about your appointment details. We may occassionally as it is deemed necessary for our business interests to email or text you regarding promotions, offers and newsletters. If you prefer not to receive these, you will have the option to cancel and unsubscribe.

G. Payments: Payment is due at time of service. Cash payments receive an automatic 5% discount. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies receive a 3.5% discount. Check payments are nominal and encouraged. Credit Card payments are accepted. Credit card payments have a 4.5% PCI compliance and credit fee applied. This amount covers the cost of providing the convenience of accepting credit cards and allows us to provide the most secure and PCI compliant method of payment to our customers with chip cards dipped and wireless cards or google pay and apple pay being allowed.

H. Liability Waiver: The customer accepts all liability for any damage that could occur to the home during a scheduled appointment. The customer agrees to assume all risk and to hold Quality Appliance Service of Collegeville harmless with regards to any damage that may occur during a scheduled appliance repair appointment initiated by the customer.

I. Appliance Movement Liability Waiver: Moving appliances can result in damage to flooring, cabinetry and sheetrock. Great care is taken to mitigate the likelihood of this by Quality Appliance Service of Collegeville. However, the customer assumes all risk of damage and agrees to accept all liability for damage that may occur during the movement of an appliance. The customer further agrees to hold Quality Appliance Service of Collegeville harmless with regards to any damage that may occur due to the movement of an appliance during a scheduled appliance repair appointment initiated by the customer.

J. Post Repair Supervision. Customer agrees to directly monitor and supervise an appliance that has recently been repaired for 14 calendar days while the appliance is in use to ensure no leaks or problems recur. If problems recur the customer has a 60 day window to obtain free followup service on a paid repair.

K. Warranties and Followup Appointments: Customers are provided with a 60 day labor guarantee and a 6 month part warranty on any repair performed where parts are installed. For appointments that services were performed only a 30 day labor warranty applies. Followup appointment scheduled is conducted utilizing links provided at the completion of the repair.